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Human Resource
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Elevate Productivity,

Fuel Organizational Growth

Empower your service-based IT firm with Redfish, the all-in-one solution
designed to streamline Project, Client, and Employee Management.

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of daily productive time with redfish
Customer Data Platform

Work will never be the same...

Explore our diverse industry solutions, meticulously crafted to meet the unique demands.

Simplifies the allocation of employees to projects by offering instant access to their availability and status updates. Managers can efficiently verify employee bench status and allocate the appropriate percentage of resources to each project, guaranteeing efficient resource management and successful project outcomes.


Enterprise-wide time is saved due to automation across various departments.


Overall productivity gain includes time saved by employees, managers and HRs.


C-Suites can reclaim their time with automated reporting and strategic insight dashboards.


Workflow optimization by Project Managers by implementing automated attendance, timesheet, resource management and project monitoring.


Increases HR efficiency with centralized database management and streamlined processes.


With self-service portal employees save working hours by automating leaves, WFH approvals and timesheet submission.

Decision Making With Precision Insights

Leveraging real-time data, reports and dashboards for data-driven decision-making, ensuring every strategic move is backed by actionable insight

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Plan Resource Allocation

Move Faster to Allocate, Manage & Track in one place

Resource Allocation Tailored to Skills and Availability
  • Efficient Resource Allocation
  • Seamless Workflow Management
  • Real Time Monetary Tracking
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Plan Resource Allocation
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Manage Operations
Manage Operations

Streamline Operations for Organizational Growth

From Project Milestones to Team Leave Plans, Timesheets, Attendance, and Client Data Management, We've Got You Covered!"
  • Drive Efficiency
  • Enhance Operations
  • Maximize Productivity
Track Finance

Boost Revenue, Cut Expenses, and Optimize Company Resources

Unlock Profit Potential: Empower Your Business with Precision Financial Tracking, Strategic Expense Management, and Resource Optimization.
  • Revitalize Income Streams
  • Monitor Spending
  • Enhance Resource Utilization
Why Redfish

See how enterprise companies are
transforming with Redfish

The best way to showcase our commitment is through the experiences and
stories of those who have partnered with us.

Redfish has revolutionized our financial operations, allowing us to save 25% of time previously spent on manual data gathering. With a 30% increase in productivity and real-time access to critical financial insights, Redfish empowers us to make informed decisions swiftly, driving our financial performance to new heights.


With Redfish, I have saved 30% of my time previously spent on administrative tasks like timesheet management, project monitoring and resource planning. The centralized database and intuitive interface make it easy to track progress and allocate resources effectively. Redfish has become an indispensable tool for our project management workflow.

Project Manager

HR department has experienced a 25% reduction in time spent on manual processes such as leave management, attendance tracking and employee lifecycle management. With self-service portals for employees, administrative burdens have been lifted, allowing HR to focus on strategic initiatives like talent acquisition and development.

Human Resource


All-In-One Analytics Tool

This can include website traffic, social media engagement, email
marketing campaigns, and more.

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